Clickfunnels Alternative For Freelancers

Clickfunnels Alternative For Freelancers

Clickfunnels is one of the more popular SaaS products for digital and internet marketers… but its not a great fit for every type of business, and it has a minimum of $97 per month.

I set out to find an alternative to Clickfunnels for freelancers/freelance marketplaces.

I was pleased to find a service that provides a substitution for clickfunnels that will allow them to showcase their talents, grow an audience and email list, and send traffic to to generate more sales.

This is the service:

Here is the page that was made for me:

And here is another example:

So while this isn’t a full out funnel building tool… if you are a freelancer and you just need a landing page/top of funnel page this is a perfect fir, so check it out.

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