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If you’re new to my channel my name is Chris M. Walker. I’m the founder and CEO of

Legiit is a B2B Growth Engine and the only of its kind… that’s just my way of explaining that it is a platform and system for giving businesses an easy way to get the help they need through Ai and talented freelancers.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses and and 10s of thousands of freelancers.

Of course anyone can say anything in an attempt to sound successful so you can just Google:


Chris M. Walker

Superstar SEO

…or just check out our success stories at

My goal with this channel starting with this video is to share what I am doing and have done in order to achieve the results I’ve gotten with my businesses so hopefully it helps you skip some of the struggle I had…

…and that it will make you like me so you will use my platforms to grow your businesses.

Until then figure out what you want out of life and go out and get it because you owe it to yourself, and you owe it to the world.

Enjoy the video.


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