I spent $425 On Legiit (This Is What I Got) | Completely Outsource A Business On Legiit Part 11

I spent $425 On Legiit (This Is What I Got) | Completely Outsource A Business On Legiit Part 11

In the video I came up with $445 but it was actually $425

All Services So Far: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18vQxXAd0V8X2makdo-2GYvsdAYNcZ4lEuJQrtO90UUg/edit?usp=sharing

Back in like 2016 I did a case study (that I never finished for reasons I will address shortly) using nothing but services from another marketplace.

I was never able to…


that case study because I kept not getting the stuff I need and it took forever.

So I decided do something similar for Legiit!

The Rules Are:

I buy everything under a pseudonym to make sure the results weren’t tainted

I wouldn’t use any of my own services

I would do my best not to use any services by anyone I know/am familiar with unless I couldn’t find anything similar

This would include everything except the domain and the hosting

If the site ended up making any money I would donate it to a charity that you guys pick.

I would document every purchase, link to every service etc…

I would take every to Dave & Busters after and give them $100 in arcade tokens!

(That last one isn’t true)

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!

Full Case Study: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1XROKC_s3o&list=PLnfdiqFaBu3UrRaPGIjmbEol9DwG2btao

Subscribe: http://chrismwalker.tv

Legiit: https://www.legiit.com/promotelegiit/BlMHx1J74AuyUxQa

seranking – https://snapt.io/msp3k

Clicky – https://snapt.io/2xelr

Keyword Research – https://www.legiit.com/promoteservice/79ChiZ0QrEU5fDK1/20063

Site Speed – https://www.legiit.com/promoteservice/BlMHx1J74AuyUxQa/1365

Foundation Links 1 – https://www.legiit.com/promoteservice/79ChiZ0QrEU5fDK1/12338

Foundation Links 2 – https://www.legiit.com/promoteservice/79ChiZ0QrEU5fDK1/11269

Foundation Links 3 – https://www.legiit.com/promoteservice/79ChiZ0QrEU5fDK1/15624

Foundation Links 4 – https://www.legiit.com/promoteservice/79ChiZ0QrEU5fDK1/13392

On Page – https://www.legiit.com/promoteservice/79ChiZ0QrEU5fDK1/19920

Link Crawler – https://www.legiit.com/promoteservice/79ChiZ0QrEU5fDK1/18683

Social Profiles: https://www.legiit.com/promoteservice/79ChiZ0QrEU5fDK1/8378

SSL: https://www.legiit.com/promoteservice/79ChiZ0QrEU5fDK1/1876

Social Profiles: https://www.legiit.com/promoteservice/79ChiZ0QrEU5fDK1/7513

Web Design: https://www.legiit.com/promoteservice/BlMHx1J74AuyUxQa/7258

Logo #1 https://www.legiit.com/promoteservice/BlMHx1J74AuyUxQa/877

Logo #2 https://www.legiit.com/promoteservice/BlMHx1J74AuyUxQa/1397

Content #1 https://www.legiit.com/promoteservice/BlMHx1J74AuyUxQa/11346

Content #2 https://www.legiit.com/promoteservice/BlMHx1J74AuyUxQa/17295

Content #3 https://www.legiit.com/promoteservice/BlMHx1J74AuyUxQa/8525

Content #4 https://www.legiit.com/promoteservice/BlMHx1J74AuyUxQa/18257

Content #5 https://www.legiit.com/promoteservice/BlMHx1J74AuyUxQa/19049

Content #6 https://www.legiit.com/promoteservice/BlMHx1J74AuyUxQa/17454

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