Legiit.com Review | Legiit.com Review Of AmitLRajdev

Legiit.com Review | Legiit.com Review Of AmitLRajdev

A while ago I decided to offer to do 1-on-1 zoom calls with a handful of the freelancers on Legiit.com for $6 a piece, and donate the money to charity.

It helps the charity, it helps the freelancers, it helps the customers, it helps you, it helps Legiit.com, and it helps me.

I believe business is all about service, and this is a fun way I thought of to help everyone involved.

This call is with Legiit.com freelancer Amit Rajdev whose Legiit.com username is AmitLRajdev

This was a lot of fun, and I hope it benefits you and him some!

Here is AmitLRajdev’s Legiit profile https://legiit.com/amitlrajdev

Amit is one of the most versatile people in the industry so enjoy this Legiit.com Review of his profile and services!

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