Ranking And Banking On Autopilot – YiveRanker Review

Ranking And Banking On Autopilot – YiveRanker Review – https://snapt.io/yive

When I started SEO and freelancing one of the tools I used, and became highly associated with was a link building tool called Syndwire.

Indeed selling “Blasts” from it was one of my first successful services and is something I still have a variation on to this day (more about that in a bit)
Syndwire did a variety of things including being able to build a lot of links, in a short period of time without needing things like captcha breakers, VPNs, proxies, and so on.

The other thing, that I loved about it and was able to leverage to MASSIVE benefit was its ability to syndicate links when a new video or post was made even from other people’s content, via different types of feeds… the first course I put out (no longer available) was based entirely around that.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason Syndwire started to be neglected by the owners, and they had trouble maintaining it and keeping up with developing trends.

They tried to breath new life into it with a refreshed interface… but it didn’t work and last year after a good 5 year run, it closed for good.

I’ve found some somewhat passable substitutions, but nothing really stood out…

…until now.

Another “power user” of Syndwire, Marcus Cudd, had found even more inventive ways to use Syndwire than I did… but he always found it somewhat lacking in things he needed, so he did what any good entrepreneur would do in a situation like that…

…he built his own!

Marcus’s tool is honestly unlike anything I have ever seen.

He uses it for all sorts of crazy “secret” techniques that I never even thought of…

…including building some incredible affiliate income.

So after telling me about it for a long time, and finally getting a demo last week, I agreed to have him jump on a webinar and demo the tool and give you some insight into some of the strategies he uses with it to rank his sites, videos, make autopilot commissions, and much more.

This is the first broad public release of this tool, so you will want to check it out before the cat gets out of the bag and everyone starts using it.

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