Ask Away! – Chris M. Walker Answers Your Questions

Ask Away! – Chris M. Walker Answers Your Questions – Live Today at 2pm. EST.

Some community submitted questions we will be covering today:

How to reach the influencers to promote our content

Would you say cold calls, cold emails, or walk in? for getting more local seo clients.

Would you say is possible to take a new website on page one in 6 months tops with a budget of 750 a month for seo?

What niches would you say would be best atm for blogging?

What would you do against negative seo?

Would you reach yt influencers? Twitter? Or instagram? And why?

What are the top 3 qualities and seo expert should have? And why would you say so?

Would you rather pay what you can and do the rest yourself? Or do yourself what you can and pay the rest?

Insights on the Core Web Vitals and what percentage they affect Google Rankings.

…and so much more!

There will be milkshakes too!

(There won’t. I am just deceiving you with the promise of treats again! again!)

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