Does SEO Still Work? – Special Guest Ed Baker

Does SEO Still Work? – Special Guest Ed Baker

Live Tuesday June 18th at 5pm. EST. I am joined by special guest Ed Baker.

I asked Ed about his background and this is what he told me:

Best known in the events industry as “The Red Carpet Guy” having sold just shy of 5miles of carpet in a single transaction and shattering all existing records.

Custom fabrication expert. Excel in reverse engineering major decor, stages, and equipment for events.

Behind the scene force for thousands of events Worldwide, agencies, brands, major league sports, venues, resorts, casinos, and celebrity artists on tour.

Pivoted into digital marketing when COVID shut down the events industry. Data driven SEO and digital marketing. Obsessed with the sequence of optimizations. Macro vs micro thinker.

Launched (3) ecommerce brands, took them to the top of Google in their respective industries.

Became a top earner on the Squarespace platform. Got hired to teach their SEO Masterclass.

Founder of Content Maxima dot com. Content strategy from a data science perspective. Reverse engineering definitions used by algorithms through natural language processing.

I have tested SEO harder than most. I have taken Drive Stacking, CloudStacking, content at scale, schema, linkbuilding, AI, Natural Language Processing, etc to new levels.

I buy more links than anyone. 5-25 million a month.

I wrote more robust schema than anyone I know.

I have stacked more parasites and clouds than anyone I know.

SEO and Brand consultant to private equity groups, venture capitalists, and serial entrepreneurs around the World.

Inventor of Computational Linguistic Entity Analysis (CLEA) and Computational Linguistic Entity Optimization (CLEO).

Ask all things digital marketing, ecommerce, small business.

Survivor of a septuple heart by pass.

From New York. Two kids two and under.

Ed is going to share a ton of great info for us tomorrow 6/18 at 5pm. EST and answer the question Does SEO Still Work… subscribe to be there live!

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