Legiit Going Social? – $500 Giveaway!

Today 6/1/2022 live we will be doing our first livestream in roughly 6 months.

To celebrate that I am going to give away $500 in Legiit Bucks, some merch, and maybe some other stuff too!

We broke all kinds of records at Legiit in May and we’ve got some exciting new things coming to you in the very near future that I am going to tell you a little bit about today.

These are some “nowhere else in the industry” level features that are going to transform the way our customers and freelancers do business!

We are also going to address some stuff that’s been going on in the Legiit community as well.

We will be live on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram AND TikTok!

So set whatever kind of reminders you have to set, you won’t want to miss out on this!!!

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