No One Cares About You! The Fatal mistake you are making in your agency.

I didn’t have time to properly prepare for this week’s livestream as I am preparing something special for the students in Superstar SEO Academy ( for tomorrow.

That said I want to keep this series moving, so what I am sharing with you today is a presentation I did for Superstar SEO Academy back in January.

Everything we’ve done up to this point has prepared us to sell clients on our digital marketing/SEO agency services…

…but if you make this one mistake it will all come crumbling down.

This is a super important thing to get right and I would hate to see you all lose your momentum because you make this one mistake.

So show up today 9/8/2021 at 3pm. EST. and we will talk about why… no one cares about you, and why accepting that is key to your success.

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