Without This 1 Thing Your SEO Will Fail! (Revealed)

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Without This Your SEO Will Fail!

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This week’s featured service of the week helps address something that is frighteningly overlooked by even experienced SEOs…

On site SEO

We get so focused on setting up a dripfed and pillow linked, Google entity stacked IFTT wheel that reverse syndicates content when the humidity in Duluth Iowa exceeds 20%
while aggregating to a white hat out reach Yandex email campaign wrapped in a Syndwire blast embedded in a niche relevant Twitter moment that we often overlook the very first thing we should get right for SEO… our site.

This is somewhat understandable since there are dozens or even hundreds of factors to consider in properly optimizing your site to get the most out of it… its not just as simple as turning all the lights green in Yoast… it is a tedious and time consuming process that needs to be done right the first time if at all possible.

Enter a tool called Cora… Cora is a site audit tool… but it doesn’t spit out some generic report like Woorank does it really deep dive your site and give you a report with hundreds of things you can change that will help you optimize your site in a way that will 100% separate you from your competition.

According to the Cora site “This software is very technical and requires extensive knowledge of SEO and statistics to use effectively. The intended customer of this tool is a Marketing Agency that is looking to distinguish its SEO services from mainstream SEO by conducting primary research and empirically measuring SEO factors for statistical correlations with rankings.”

That’s super powerful, as you can tell… but there is a problem…

Cora is really expensive at $250 a month.

So unless you are taking on hundreds of clients or sites a month its probably not worth the investment for most people…

Enter this service.

For only $15 this seller will run a complete audit of up to 5 keywords using Cora that will give you all the steps you need to fully optimize your site and either get a great jump start on your rankings, or get over the hump and on to the first page!

This is honestly something you should be doing for every single site you do SEO for and this service will remove a big price hurdle for you.

You are honestly doing your client/site a disservice by not taking advantage of this.
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