Marketing For Adults: How Value Adders Have Ruined The Industry

Marketing For Adults: How Value Adders Have Ruined The Industry –

Today I want to talk about value adders. You may not know the term… but you know the technique.

They go into other people’s Facebook groups/social media channels and write these long posts with a bunch of emojis and sales copy, and goofy pictures under the guise of “adding value” when what they are really doing is trying to get you to like and trust them in order to make a sale off of you.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with providing actual, valuable information for free… there is also nothing wrong with organic marketing.

It is what I am doing right now…

…however what I am also doing right now that these jackholes don’t do is be honest with you about it. I am giving away my time for free in hopes that you will like me, and buy from me when I target you with an ad later on.

I am also talking to an audience I have worked hard to build, not hijacking someone else’s because I don’t have the skill to market without piggy backing off of someone else.

Some of the biggest offenders of this are

People in the Clickfunnels group
People in the Consulting Community group
And like 90% of the people that do Linkedin marketing.

(There are also tons of great people and marketers in all those groups… I am generalizing)

So today, and probably in some future livestreams/videos I am going to offer you any marketing advice I can give, totally free.

If you watch you are probably going to see an ad from me in the future selling you something, I hope that’s cool.

See you today at 3:15pm

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